• One global team, one objective: maintain customer satisfaction even during the COVID-19 crisis

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July 2020

The global Corona pandemic continues to pose immense challenges to us and our customers. Although the number of cases particularly in Europe and Asia has been considerably contained, large parts of the world population are still living with large-scale restrictions. As a global company, the Hennecke GROUP must be hypervigilant of developments in the pandemic. Meeting on a weekly basis, a group-wide crisis management team therefore continues to focus its efforts on maintaining production and delivery channels and all other processes. Naturally, the health of our employees, customers and suppliers remains our top priority in the framework of the measures we have taken. We are especially pleased that the efforts we have made in conjunction with the applicable regulatory requirements have gradually led to a relaxation in restrictions at almost all our sites worldwide. Currently, our subsidiaries in Germany, Italy, the US and China are no longer affected by a lockdown and most members of staff have been able to return from working at home. We are constantly monitoring the protective measures at all sites and adjusting these to the respective regional circumstances as necessary.

Current measures and key steps for containing COVID-19 (plan for easing restrictions) at the Sankt Augustin site in Germany

  • Face coverings must be worn inside the production facilities and office spaces
  • Masks and disinfectant are available for employees and visitors
  • Extended working times between 6am and 10pm as well as remote working
  • European business trips and customer visits largely possible following approval from crisis management team
  • Strict hygiene measures to be observed in all office spaces and meeting rooms, and work stations separated by protective screens
  • Meetings are permitted again in compliance with hygiene and distancing rules
  • Extended selection of food in the canteen, number of persons is strictly limited, with maximum possible distancing

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One global team, one objective: maintain customer satisfaction even during the COVID-19 crisis


April 2020

Dear Hennecke GROUP customers,

You are most certainly following the latest developments in the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Europe and many other parts of the world and it is likely that your company is already directly or indirectly affected. It can be assumed that the number of infection cases will continue to rise. The measures introduced by government authorities in many nations to prevent a further spread of the virus also have an effect on the global supply chain. It is all the more important for us to inform our customers, partners and suppliers as soon and as best as possible about the current status of the Hennecke GROUP and the impact of the situation - for example concerning potential supply constraints. All global companies of the Hennecke GROUP are currently coordinating with one another via a taskforce. In order to protect our employees as far as possible, we have introduced the following extensive protection measures at all Hennecke GROUP sites:

  • Strict internal hygiene regulations and limited personal contact with customers and suppliers
  • Business travel only in exceptional circumstances and only with management approval
  • Explicit quarantine rules for staff members who have stayed in high-risk areas or had possible direct or indirect contact with infected people
  • Trade fairs and events have been cancelled or postponed

In this context, we ask for your understanding should our business relations be affected by these measures. Our global management team is currently concentrating on maintaining production and delivery routes and all other processes as far as possible and ensuring continued supply. We are trying to counteract the situation with targeted action. Please contact our specialists at any time if you have any questions about the effects of the COVID-19 crisis on the Hennecke GROUP:

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