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  • Continuous and discontinuous production of metal composite elements and insulating boards

Everything from a single source

Continuous and discontinuous production of metal composite elements and insulating boards

Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating materials and is therefore used in the form of metal composite elements in industrial and cold store construction, as well as in cooling chambers for supermarkets and in thermal assemblies for trucks. With its highly-developed continuously or discontinuously operating sandwich panel lines, Hennecke has played a decisive role in this success story right from the start. With the company Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH, the Hennecke Group also has a highly-specialised supplier of high-performance trapezoidal sheet roll forming systems, which can be seamlessly incorporated into the existing plant concept of Hennecke's CONTIMAT continuous sandwich panel lines. In the continuous production of sandwich elements with metal facings, Hennecke is also one of only a few suppliers that can offer its customers convincing complete solutions from a single source.

Continuous sandwich panel lines

Continuous production of metal composite elements and insulating boards

The economic superiority of sandwich construction has been known since the 1960s. Today, more than 200 million square metres of roof and facade elements are produced and used in Europe each year. In the past five decades, the number of residential buildings alone that are constructed with sandwich structures has multiplied. An entirely new generation of continuously-manufactured sandwich construction elements fulfils not only structural-physical and economical requirements but also individual design demands. In this area, Hennecke systems technology is setting new standards. High conveyor precision and exact process control are key conditions for ensuring the highest surface quality and optimum product properties. Apart from classical metal composite elements, Hennecke's continuously-operated sandwich panel lines are suitable for manufacturing flexible facings and composite elements with mineral wool.


Continuous production of sandwich panels with rigid or flexible facings

The CONTIMAT plant is designed for the continuous production of top-quality sandwich elements with different facings, panel thicknesses and profiles and - as an option - with a core structure made of polyurethane or mineral wool. With a usable width from 500 to 1200 millimetres, a panel...

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Highly efficient roll forming machines

Systems technology for the profiling of metal elements

With its CONTIMAT lines for the continuous production of high-quality sandwich composite elements, the Hennecke Group has made a name for itself in the global market. When the composite elements are provided with metal facings, Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH, which is based in the Siegerland...

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Highly efficient roll forming machines

Discontinuous sandwich panel lines

Discontinuous production of metal composite elements and insulation panels

In many applications, the discontinuous production of sandwich panels with polyurethane core offers decisive advantages and important unique features, for instance, when using facing material with specific properties or incorporating special fixings. Discontinuous panel manufacture also makes sense when small outputs or extraordinary dimensions are required. Of course, precisely controllable production processes and high-quality end products with ideal insulating properties are also ensured when using discontinuous equipment made by Hennecke.


Systems technology for the discontinuous production of sandwich panels

PANELFOAMER production systems cover a wide range when it comes to the discontinuous manufacture of sandwich elements in terms of dimensions, facing and foam systems. To attain plane-parallel sandwich elements, heavy duty steel hydraulic presses are used. They are equipped with heated plate,...

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