• Technology demonstration

Technology demonstration

Discover innovation potential live

During a technology demonstration, we will convince newcomers and advanced users alike of the specific possibilities offered by the various polyurethane processing techniques and the efficiency of our machine and plant engineering. The expertise of our experienced application engineers and the large number of machine systems available also give customers in the Hennecke TECHCENTER the unique option of combining different processing techniques. Completely new product ideas can thus be realised and suitable production processes be developed. For a detailed list of the specific possibilities of the Hennecke TECHCENTER, you can contact our specialists at any time.

We can demonstrate the following technologies at the Hennecke TECHCENTER

  • Processing of rigid, flexible and integral skin foams, elastomers as well as epoxy resin systems and reactive thermoplasts
  • RIM, RRIM, SRIM, PUR-CSM fibre composite, clearmelt®, Skinmelt, Sprayskin and HP-RTM applications
  • Hand or robotically operated pouring of reaction mixture into open and closed moulds
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