• Added value for customers in mixing and metering technology /  Gradual replacement of the “HL” high-pressure metering pumps

Hennecke begins “PUMPS 2.0” project

Gradual replacement of the “HL” high-pressure metering pumps

Pump technology plays a central role in processing reactive polyurethane components, where precise metering, reproducibility and efficiency are key. For this, Hennecke customers rely on a wide range of first-class pumps in different series, which are perfectly matched to the respective application and in particular to the required output.

Added value for customers in mixing and metering technology

However, our customers only experience real added value when the pump technology as well as the metering function are convincing. For example, secure and calculable service measures through a guaranteed, long-term supply of spare parts are crucial when it comes to complex application scenarios or high production volumes. Consequently the models of our long-standing “HL” pump series are gradually being phased out of a large part of the Hennecke product portfolio and will be replaced by established pump models which fully meet our demands for precise, highly efficient and future-proof metering lines. As we are not prepared to compromise on this undertaking, Hennecke has launched the “PUMPS 2.0” project. An internal taskforce of international Hennecke Group application specialists is evaluating the entire high-pressure pump portfolio from a process and a market point of view.

The declared aim of the project is to combine added value and make our customers even more competitive in the field of mixing and metering technology. We will of course work "at high-pressure" to keep our customers up-to-date and provide information in good time about all the relevant steps we are taking. For this reason, we have made the deliberate decision to inform our customers as early as possible about the gradual phasing out of the “HL" series. Of course from today's standpoint we can continue to supply spare parts. Additionally we will provide attractive retrofit packages and further modification measures for all affected systems to make sure that any necessary changes are as simple as possible and can be made at any time.

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