Hennecke to feature light, high-performance components at UTECH NORTH AMERICA

Mark your calendar: Polyurethane processors and parts manufacturers who want to learn about the latest advances in polyurethane processing machinery should make a point to visit the Hennecke Machinery Booth (422) at this year’s UTECH NORTH AMERICA Show. In addition to other innovative parts, Hennecke will feature lightweight parts for automotive applications.

Due to ever-increasing demand for more efficient, sustainable and lightweight solutions in the automotive industry, the demand for High Pressure Resin Transfer Molding (HP-RTM) processing of lighter, stronger parts continues to grow. Polyurethane machinery and processing specialist Hennecke Inc. (Lawrence, PA, USA) is leading the way in groundbreaking volume automotive applications with its STREAMLINE HP (High-Pressure) metering system. Hennecke's STREAMLINE HP machine system is a tailor-made processing system for delivering all common matrix systems used in producing fiber composite parts such as polyurethane or epoxy resins, hardeners and cast nylons. It is ideal for components that until now have been produced through the Resin Injection Molding (RIM) process in closed molds.

Ask a Hennecke representative about the STREAMLINE HP-RTM process when you visit the booth. You will learn that its control of process automation and cycle time offers considerable improvements in production efficiency and economy, as well as product quality, especially in large volume production.

See. Ask. Learn.
Every part has a fascinating story behind it. In addition to learning about HP-RTM applications, visitors to the booth can see, handle, and learn the stories behind several other commercialized parts manufactured on Hennecke machinery by discriminating customers throughout North America:

  • An automotive leaf spring for the Mercedes Sprinter produced cost efficiently by Benteler Germany through the HP-RTM process on a high pressure STREAMLINE machine equipped with a custom mixhead. The result - a lightweight composite leaf spring as strong as its metal predecessor, yet more flexible and shock-absorbing, and impervious to rust.
  • A selection of energy-saving insulated sandwich panels with metal and flexible facings for construction applications produced economically and efficiently by insulation market leaders on Hennecke continuous CONTIMAT lamination machines.
  • A foot-soothing red memory foam floor mat that reduces the discomfort of standing produced efficiently in volume on a Hennecke HIGHLINE machine.
  • “Cheesehead” novelty headgear made famous by Green Bay Packer fans produced through the RIM process on Hennecke’s TOPLINE machine.
  • A tractor-size version of the Tweel airless tire. Originally designed for use on much larger skid steer loaders, this new, larger version of the Tweel is produced on Hennecke’s ELASTOLINE F Machines, which provide the precise metering shot-to-shot and constant temperature monitoring required to efficiently produce such a complex part in great volume. The innovative Tweel was named a winner in the prestigious 2013 Edison Awards™ competition. It was also named “One of the most amazing inventions of the year” by TIME magazine in 2013.
  • An MT Mixhead. MT mixheads are the most recent addition to Hennecke's mixhead portfolio. Their fundamentally new design sets a new standard in high-pressure polyurethane mixing technology and can help you optimize your processing results with all common PUR systems. Hennecke MT mixheads can simultaneously and precisely inject up to six reaction components into the mixing chamber. Ask how the unique 90°offset outlet pipe improves mixing, and about add-ons that allow you to make output changes without changing adjustors.

Those who cannot attend the show can find more information on Hennecke equipment and services by visiting www.henneckeinc.com.

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