• Equipment and systems for handling polyurethane products

Product conditioning

Equipment and systems for handling polyurethane products

When polyurethane systems are processed, many products require special handling before and after the actual metering operation. Hennecke offers you custom equipment perfectly suited to your process and adapted, through temperature control or mechanical treatment, to your particular system’s technology.

All lines for product conditioning at a glance

Pre- or post-heating ovens

Temperature control units for upstream or downstream tempering processes

Various polyurethane products need to be further tempered after being demolded. In case of product combinations – regardless of whether materials are homogeneous or a mix of materials or plastics – it is often necessary to preheat the insert or core. For these tempering processes,...

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Pre- or post-heating ovens


Mechanical and pneumatic crushers for opening up foam cells

Polyurethane flexible foam products such as car seats or upholstered furniture, as well as many other molded foam cushioning products, require foam cells to be broken up immediately after they are demolded. Hennecke offers two options for this--roller crushers, which are used for molded parts...

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