• Flexible foam production with up to 50 percent fewer pinholes


Flexible foam production with up to 50 percent fewer pinholes

A simple and efficient way to optimize your foaming process and increase production quality with the innovative Hennecke SPOUT-EX

Many different variables come into play when producing high-quality slabstock foam and even vast experience and expertise cannot always prevent deficiencies in the final product. But now there is a solution that will bring your product one step closer to perfection. Hennecke has developed the new SPOUT-EX based on extensive and elaborate flow simulations: a simple but effective enhancement which can be individually retrofitted to your MSL Hennecke stirrer mixhead.


  • No need to adapt the formulation
  • Up to 50% fewer pinholes
  • Less trimming waste

The SPOUT-EX can be integrated without any conversions into the existing mixing chamber throttle on the MXL mixhead.

The SPOUT-EX bushing is available as a 3-part set in the sizes DN40/DN50/DN60 and includes the corresponding tool, with a special adaption for the mixer itself, and is compatible with systems in the UBT, QFM, MULTIFLEX and SMARTFLEX series.

Find out how you can achieve even better product quality with the SPOUT-EX!

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