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Fire at Hennecke headquarters in Sankt Augustin

Quick action prevents the worst during a blaze at the company's research center.

Following the outbreak of a fire in Hennecke's research center (the TECHCENTER) in Sankt Augustin in the evening of 24th June, we are pleased to confirm that there were no direct or indirect injuries. After carrying out extensive testing, we are also certain that the fire and the extinguishing measures did not cause any damage to the environment. At this time, the cause of the fire has not been conclusively determined. Experts from the local authorities are currently investigating how the fire started.

Our special thanks go to the committed members of the local fire service, who attended the site within minutes, and quickly and professionally brought the fire under control. An initial assessment has shown that the fire crews were able to effectively prevent the flames from spreading to the inside of the building, which dates from 2015. The fire-fighting teams also included some Hennecke GmbH employees who work for the fire services on a voluntary basis.

In addition to damage to the building itself, several machines in the research center are also affected. The extent of the damage cannot yet be quantified according to the current state of knowledge. Important to know for our global customers: our production operations are not affected by the fire and continue to run as planned. Hennecke is taking all measures to make the research center fully operational again as quickly as possible. We will of course keep all customers and development partners of the Hennecke TECHCENTER up to date with our progress in returning the center to normal operations. Please get in touch with your local Hennecke contact if you have any questions.

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