• Influencing the characteristics of raw material systems

Additive processing

Metered addition of liquids and processing of solids

The properties of polyurethane systems can be significantly improved by a wide variety of additives, both liquid and solid. Apart from the fact that raw materials are prepared in a batch process, sometimes liquid additives such as flame retardants have to be metered into the mixhead directly online, or into the flow of one of the main components. Highest flammability ratings for Polyurethane products can also be achieved when solid flame retardants such as melamine or ammonium polyphosphate are mixed in. High strength is attained by the addition of short glass or mineral fibres, and the user can obtain products that have excellent accoustic qualities if heavy substances such as barium sulphate are added. Hennecke will supply you with customized processing equipment that is tailor-made to fit any filler used.

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