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Hennecke GROUP vision and mission

Hennecke GROUP vision and mission - our values

Our values

The Hennecke Business System (HBS) is our common framework, providing all Hennecke employees with the processes and tools to drive profitable growth with long-term customer value. Trust-based management and culture are important aspects of this system. Embodied in the Hennecke GROUP core values, they have been part of our DNA for over two years now, shaping who we are and defining how we interact with each other in our daily business. We are now cementing this strategic direction for the entire Hennecke GROUP with our common vision and mission. Getting right to the heart of the diverse aspects of our business, we are clearly and concisely communicating the core elements of our strategy.

Proactively shaping our future

Our vision and mission define how we want to achieve our goals today and in the future, underpinning our identity as a company that strives to conduct business in a sustainable way. Our vision guides us in conducting our business, making decisions and determining our priorities. Our mission describes our current status, our reason d'etre and how we are fulfilling our purpose. The mission of the Hennecke GROUP is to make life more comfortable, healthy, enjoyable and environmentally responsible through polyurethane-based products that are efficiently manufactured using our equipment and know-how. This is based on our firm belief that we can create economic value whilst making a positive social and environmental impact at the same time. Our vision for the future is to be the preferred partner providing sustainable and innovative turnkey technologies in polyurethane processing to the global market. This is driven by the expertise and commitment of our workforce all over the world. Our vision and mission, core values and the HBS are all closely interlinked and enable us to build a sustainable culture of success in which every single Hennecke employee can perform at their best.

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