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Comprehensive services for efficient and reliable production

Hennecke's 360°SERVICE - Comprehensive services for efficient and reliable production

Hennecke's 360°SERVICE

With Hennecke, users around the world achieve high-quality and efficient production results. The same applies when it comes to getting the right support for your production lines or providing your staff with qualified training! Hennecke's 360°SERVICE offers you various services at competitive conditions. Each user has access to a tailor-made package containing suitable measures which ensure maximum plant availability and uptime. Does your company use Hennecke machine and plant technology? Why not opt for maximum support? This ensures that your Hennecke machine or plant will be in perfect operation for a long time.


Fit for PUR

Our 360°Trainings program offers you professional and practice-oriented courses and seminars at competitive prices in a specially established training center. The main focus is on how to use Hennecke's machine and plant technology properly as well as on targeted and successful troubleshooting.



Spare parts competence from a single source

An effective way of preventing costly production losses right from the start is to use original spare parts with manufacturer's warranty. Save yourself the search for alternative spare parts suppliers - our 360°SPARE PART SERVICE is not only attractive because of reliable availability and fast delivery but especially because of the favourable price-performance ratio.


Fast, reliable, professional

The operational life of machines and systems can often be significantly extended by upgrading various components cost-effectively. Our 360°REPAIR SERVICE offers a wide range of components on a hire basis at attractive prices. This changes nothing in the performance, which remains as perfect as ever. In addition, the 360°REPAIR SERVICE minimizes the risk of unplanned system outages right from the start thanks to precautionary measures or good guidance of users.


Qualified support, remote service and process monitoring

With 360°CONNECT, the expertise of our technical service support specialists is available to our customers worldwide, directly and without time-consuming travels. Thanks to modern digital infrastructure, our qualified and extensive support services are only a few clicks away. Based on a constantly secured data connection, we offer you, for example, various tools for production or process monitoring. This also includes targeted isolation of possible problems or faults in the production process. With the browser-based 360°SERVICE customer portal, Hennecke customers also benefit from a well-developed ticket management system and can access the current version of the machine or plant documentation at any time. Of course our first-level support is also available by telephone around the clock.


Optimize production, minimize risks

With our 360°PREVENTIVE SERVICE, you can optimize your production with transparent fixed costs and at the same time minimize a great number of risks. The preventive measures include regular production inspections. Tailor-made inspection plans are drawn up to monitor all relevant parameters, maintenance and cleaning measures as well as readjustments and optimization. The 360°PREVENTIVE SERVICE efficiently extends the lifespan of your plant. The service personnel's workload is thus considerably reduced.


Innovation for retrofitting

360°Retrofit offers you patented innovations for fast and simple retrofitting. This will efficiently optimize your machine's performance and ensure your production many more decisive advantages at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio. Our 360°Retrofit service is continuously improved with further innovative measures for retrofitting, where efficiency and customer benefit are the key. This is about more than a spare part – it's about innovation for retrofitting.

For current retrofit activities, click button "Accompanying information in PDF form" on the right-hand side.


Solutions for sustainable production and end-of-lifecycle management

With its 360°ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES, Hennecke is making sustainable PU processing a priority in customer support too. These include second-life solutions to give used Hennecke machines a 'second chance', and EOL solutions, when component parts (such as pumps), or our machines or systems have reached the end of their lifecycles.

Global first-level support

Our reliable first-level support is available around the clock, 365 days a year.

+49 2241 339 360

Please have either your Hennecke order number or the MACHINE-ID ready so that we can help you quickly and effectively.

Here you will find the order number or the MACHINE-ID on your machine or plant: Example type plate | Example QR-Label

Local service support

Service support in the language of the local Hennecke GROUP company is available on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (local time).

Hennecke GmbH (Sankt Augustin)
+49 2241 339 555
(Only for Hennecke Polyurethane Technology machines and systems technology)

Hennecke GmbH Rollforming Technology (Kreuztal)
+49 2732 765063-0
(Only for Hennecke Roll Forming Technology machines and systems technology)

HENNECKE-OMS S.p.A. (Verano Brianza)
+39 0362 983 262
(Only for HENNECKE-OMS machines and systems technology)

Hennecke Inc. Polyurethane Technology (Pittsburgh):
+1 724 271 3659

Hennecke México S. de R. L. de C. V. (Querétaro):
+52 442 220 1769

Hennecke Machinery (Shanghai) Ltd. (Shanghai)
+86 21 6489 7063

Hennecke Asia Pte.Ltd. (Singapore)
+65 6227 9680

Hennecke Machinery Japan K.K. (Tokyo)
+81 3 6721 9501

Hennecke Korea Ltd. (Seoul)
+82 2 790 7470

Hennecke Asia Pte Ltd
+91 40 4433 4466