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Automated polyurethane foaming lines for refrigeration appliances and various technical insulation applications

Production lines for technical insulation

In the manufacture of foaming lines for refrigerator cabinets and doors, Hennecke has made pioneering contributions to process and systems technology. For example, in the environmentally-compatible insulation of refrigeration appliances through the introduction of Pentane Process Technology (PPT). Today, Hennecke's refrigerator cabinet foaming lines and systems for the manufacture of insulated door elements ensure flexible implementation of a large part of the world's refrigerator production. Apart from meeting high environmental standards, the efficient systems also fulfil the strictest requirements regarding cost effectiveness, for example, due to highly efficient raw material utilisation and a comparatively low use of energy and space. Hennecke's many years of know-how in the area of refrigerator insulation guarantees the user reliable production and a faultless end product. Hennecke can also offer its customers sophisticated production systems and process technology for many other applications in the area of technical insulation using rigid polyurethane foam. These include production lines for the insulation of hot water boilers, water storage tanks and air handling units.

Cabinet foaming lines

Modular systems technology for effectively insulating refrigerator cabinets

Hennecke's cabinet foaming lines are currently responsible for a large part of the world’s refrigerator production. Our expertise in refrigeration equipment insulation, accumulated over many years, guarantees the user reliable production and perfect end products.

Unique modularity for a wide range of end products

Door foaming lines

Hennecke's polyurethane foaming lines are persistently meeting the industry's demands for largely automated, discontinuous production of doors insulated with a layer of rigid foam

Hennecke can supply both large and small production lines for foaming doors. Conventional systems like the tried-and-tested ROTAMAT use a drum system for curing the foam in the doors, with the mold carriers rotating in a clocked rotating movement around a horizontal axis. With this type of manufacture, the operator has the same workflow at a single station, enabling fast mold changes and requiring less space. This workflow determines the cycle time for the entire plant.

The KTT is a much larger, highly automated system, in which the door removal, loading and foaming steps are divided into separate downstream stations. This considerably reduces the cycle times. Curing the doors in a type of "multi-storey car park" increases flexibility and allows for mixed production runs with different types of doors.

All door foaming lines at a glance
Highly automated and raw material-efficient production of insulated door elements
Efficient production of insulated door elements
Combining the advantages of a continuous circulation line with those of a stationary line, the KTT provides a significantly higher degree of automation for mixed production of various types of doors ...
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Refrigeration equipment lines
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