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A pioneer of high-pressure technology

The history of Hennecke GmbH - A pioneer of high-pressure technology

The history of Hennecke GmbH

The “Maschinenfabrik Karl Hennecke” laid the foundation for technological progress and countless important milestones within the area of polyurethane processing in 1945. Soon after the company’s foundation, Hennecke introduced the first system in the world for mixing the PU components polyol and isocyanate under high pressure – this was the foundation stone for high product quality and the efficient use of raw materials. Since then, Hennecke has worked closely with processors and users across the world to set the pace in this area. New products and processing concepts are constantly emerging to replace conventional materials and manufacturing methods. Our accumulated expertise has a direct impact on our customers’ efficiency and competitiveness.

Important milestones



Founded by Karl Hennecke at Sankt Augustin headquarters



Development of continuous slabstock lines



Development of the first high-pressure metering machine



'Hennecke USA' was founded in New Jersey (USA)



Launch of largely automated moulded foam lines



Launch of continuous sandwich panel lines



Launch of Pentane Process Technology (PPT) for making CFC-free foams for refrigeration appliances



Launch of NOVAFLEX technology for producing high-grade foams using natural carbon dioxide



Launch of polyurethane spray moulding



Presentation of the PUR-CSM technology range for manufacturing fiber-reinforced or compound moulded parts and opening of production facilities in Shanghai (China)



Establishment of Hennecke Inc. in Pittsburgh (USA)



65th company anniversary



Presentation of HP-RTM technology and an accompanying processing system for the production of fiber-reinforced structural components and opening of new production facilities in Shanghai (China)



Acquisition of Hennecke Profiliertechnik GmbH in Kreuztal (Germany) and introduction of a pioneering mixture discharge technology for continuous production of slabstock foam



Opening of the Hennecke TECHCENTER in Sankt Augustin (Germany)



Capvis Equity IV, L.P. acquires all shares



Acquisition of Hennecke-OMS S.p.A. in Verano Brianza (Italy)



MULTI-CONNECT technology for fast colour changing



New modular IBC STATION



Introduction of the new STREAMLINE MK2 and ELASTOLINE HP and relocation of Hennecke Inc. to Bridgeville (USA)

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