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The new HX pump generation for polyurethane processing - precise, highly efficient, and fit for the future

The new HX pump generation: the first ever axial piston pumps developed exclusively for PU applications.
The new HX pump generation: the first ever axial piston pumps developed exclusively for PU applications.

Pump technology plays a central role in processing reactive polyurethane components, where precise metering, reproducibility and efficiency are key. The new 'HX' pump series, an in-house development by Hennecke's polyurethane experts, marks an important milestone in polyurethane processing, just like the invention of the first high-pressure mixhead by Hennecke. It is the very first axial piston pump produced exclusively for polyurethane applications, offering Hennecke's customers real added value in polyurethane processing.

Hennecke customers can always rely on a wide range of first-class pumps in different series, which are perfectly matched to the respective application and in particular to the required output. As the global market leader in PU technology, Hennecke is entrusted with giving its customers highly specialized solutions for pump technology, just like with its mixhead portfolio, and ultimately making production even more competitive using Hennecke mixing and metering technology. Concentrating on processing aspects and market requirements, Hennecke's application experts have developed a completely new pump generation in the last two years, which is to be manufactured at the company's site in Sankt Augustin, Germany. Here, the focal point is a precise, highly efficient, and future-fit metering line, ready to meet the requirements of the 21st century: the new HX series.

The new pump generation is impressive. The enhanced pump housing design has a new bearing seating which allows for maximum flow around the bearing. This ensures efficient heat dissipation whilst at the same time preventing a rise in the reactive media temperature. Multiple tests have shown an effective flow of heat between the functional surfaces and the pump housing, even at maximum operating points, which is demonstrated by a clearly measurable temperature gradient. Comparable measurements from conventional pumps on the market show that heat often builds up even at room temperature and that comparatively high temperatures are reached inside and around the housing. The new HX with effective built-in cooling offers decisive advantages even in unfavorable operating conditions with comparatively high ambient temperatures. As the surface temperature of the rolling elements is also significantly reduced, the new pumps' precise temperature development provides further benefits in terms of durability, particularly regarding chemical degradation from polyol materials.

The pump's pressure resistance reaches up to 16 bar with open circulation. This is up to 60 percent higher than comparative models by competitors. Operating with open circulation brings a clear advantage in terms of process technology. Combined with the open pump construction and resulting improved suction, this is particularly beneficial when using highly viscous polyols. And it may even mean that pre-pumps are not required, depending on the application.

As well as its extremely broad application range, the HX series features state-of-the-art sensor technology. The integration of digitalized smart features within the metering line was an extremely important aspect in the pump's development process. To ensure for example that process parameters can be recorded 'on the spot', Hennecke's engineers have incorporated pressure and temperature monitoring into the pump housing. The pumps also have additional internal sensors. These include a distance sensor for monitoring the pump bearings, an important feature for predictive maintenance work. Hennecke's clear, long-term goal is to expand the use of intelligent sensor technology, for example to advise of upcoming maintenance measures in advance.

The new HX also scores points for sustainability. The increased efficiency of the pump is ultimately conveyed through an optimized energy balance in the entire system. Chemical systems using bio-based and recycled content polyols can also be easily processed. Low noise emissions during operation are another plus point for the pump.

However, Hennecke customers only gain real added value when both the pump technology and the metering function are solid. Secure and calculable service measures are crucial, for example, particularly for complex application scenarios or high production volumes. This includes the easy-to-service design with integrated safety valve as well as the guaranteed long-term supply of spare parts.

The new HX series is available from 1 July 2022 in sizes HX06, HX12 and HX28, exclusively for Hennecke's new generation metering machines. The HX portfolio will be extended in the future to include even more sizes. Hennecke application specialists across the globe are happy to answer any questions about the new pump generation.

The new HX pump generation: the first ever axial piston pumps developed exclusively for PU applications.
The new HX pump generation: the first ever axial piston pumps developed exclusively for PU applications.
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