Zero material and solvent losses from pre-shot and flushing shot

New ELASTOLINE HP high-pressure metering machines for increased efficiency in elastomer casting

The ELASTOLINE low-pressure metering machines for elastomer casting have been an established, state-of-the-art product range for decades. However, low-pressure casting has one distinctive disadvantage: the loss of material and solvents due to technical reasons. Hennecke's new ELASTOLINE HP high-pressure elastomer casting machines make these material losses a thing of the past.

The high-pressure mixhead of the new ELASTOLINE HP mixes the exact material quantity required for the production run. Material savings through the use of high-pressure technology can add up to a five or six-figure Euro sum per year, depending on the production scenario. Production using high-pressure technology no longer requires solvents to clean the plant and the mixhead.

Up to now, elastomer casting using high-pressure machines had not been possible. Thanks to decades of experience in developing and manufacturing low and high-pressure metering machines, Hennecke is an expert in high-pressure elastomer casting with high-precision and continuous temperature control. Elastomer casting often requires extremely high temperatures which must be strictly maintained in the entire metering system, from the tanks and hose lines to the mixhead. Through advances in high-pressure mixing technology, Hennecke has brought the ELASTOLINE HP to the market, with a selection of mixheads that efficiently convert the delivery pressure in the casting of highly viscous media into mixing energy. Another huge advantage of the ELASTOLINE HP is that it enables elastomers to be cast in closed moulds.

As a standard feature, the ELASTOLINE HP is equipped for metering two components plus an optional additional component. Three types of mixhead enable mixture discharges of 10 ccm/sec. up to 600 ccm/sec. The efficient temperature control allows for a component processing temperature of 45 °C to 100 °C. Other versions are also available on request.

At Hennecke's in-house TECHCENTER, a three-component ELASTOLINE HP is ready and waiting to give elastomer producers the chance to optimize their existing production processes with the new technology, or to develop entirely new products or production processes.

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