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Modular systems for the manufacture of molded foam products

Molded foam production

More than 150,000 tonnes of PU raw materials are processed into molded foam parts for cars per year using Hennecke's molded foam systems technology. Apart from seats, head and backrests, there are many other applications in which the focus is on damping, insulation and the look and feel of a material. Hennecke provides its customers with efficient system concepts for all conceivable applications and the most diverse product ideas in all kinds of quantities. Regardless of the system concept you decide on, excellent mixing quality is standard with Hennecke thanks to the sophisticated mixhead technology and first-class metering pumps.

Automated molded foam production

Modular systems for extensively automated serial manufacture of molded foam products

Considering the fact that there is now a vast range of models but fewer lot sizes and shorter production cycles, systems are required that can be used to manufacture different products in all kinds of quantities in an extensively automated and, above all, profitable manner. Our manufacturing know-how in this field gives you a high degree of investment security. This is also true for special requirements. Apart from oval conveyors and rotary tables, Hennecke can also supply highly specialized TRANSFER, TRANSFLEX, SHUTTLE and POLYSHUTTLE lines.

All automated production lines at a glance
Flexible oval conveyor systems for varied products and large quantities
Rotary table systems for medium to large production quantities
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Optimised for multi-component applications in the manufacture of moulded foam products

Stationary production

Modular systems to produce molded foam products in small quantities and for laboratory use

Stationary systems are mainly used with large-sized foaming molds or when lower production quantities are required, such as for pilot production or laboratory tests. They are also ideal for applications with short curing times or different cycles.

Stationary molded foam production
Flexible production systems to suit low volumes, large molds and different cycle times
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Mold carriers

Key elements in PU molding lines for accomodating the foaming molds

Hennecke manufactures both electric and hydraulic carrier systems to suit the varying requirements of the production process using molds. Our range includes different mold motions and mold sizes, various opening and locking mechanisms, as well as clamping plates and types of lid.

SM, SV, SVH and SSH series
Stationary or integrated transport systems for carrying molds
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Molded foam lines
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