• Gradual discontinuation of older mixhead models

Gradual discontinuation of older mixhead models

Mixheads make a significant contribution towards quality and efficiency in the production of polyurethane products. The development and manufacture of these mixheads require a high level of expertise and longstanding experience. Over the years, Hennecke has successfully become the world leader in this area. Every mixhead bearing the name Hennecke Polyurethane Technology is a 100% in-house product which earns the label Made in Germany. We recently presented our customers with the new MT-A mixhead series which covers an extremely wide range of process technology applications and are gradually replacing the models from the MT series. Continually enhancing our mixhead portfolio means that we are also required to make changes in terms of availability, particularly for our older mixhead models. We would now like to inform you about the gradual discontinuation of our older mixhead models.

With immediate effect, the mixheads listed below will only be available through our 360°SPARE PART SERVICE, which provides the entire mixheads along with individual parts and repairs for the relevant models. From 1st October 2022, sales prices will increase by a further 20%. This is because the comparatively low numbers of items are more costly to produce. So please take the opportunity to order now under the current terms and conditions. In addition, entire mixhead units for these models are only available to order until 31.12.2023:

  • "ML" series, models 12-2, 14-2, and 18-2
  • "MN" series, models 14-2, 16-4, 20-4 and 30-4
  • "MQ" series, models 12-2, 18-2 and 25-4
  • "MX" series, models 8-2, 12-2 and 18-2

For the following mixhead models, we will only be able to supply individual parts or offer repairs, as long as the main part (housing) is still usable. This service for these mixheads ends on 31.12.2025:

  • "MQ" series, models 8-2, 12-4, 18-4, 20-6 and 25-2
  • "MX" series, models 12-2 (long), 12-3 and 26-2
  • "MN" series, model 10-2
  • "MT" series, models 8-2, 12-2, 18-2, 18-4, 22-2, 22-6 MF and MT 26-2

The discontinued MT models are being replaced by the MT-A series in almost all standard applications. As the MT-A mixheads are largely compatible with the previous models, in many cases your production can benefit from our mixhead generation without any additional retrofitting.

The mixhead models listed below are no longer available. Spare parts for these mixheads are limited to the remaining warehouse stocks:

  • "MP" series, model 2N
  • "MK" series, model 30-4

In addition to the discontinued mixhead models, Hennecke still has a wide variety of mixheads in different series and sizes, so if necessary we will be pleased to check whether a retrofit to a current series mixhead is possible. Please use our contact form at service.hennecke-group.com/contact.

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