• Metering unit for charging the polyol component with gas


Metering unit for charging the polyol component with gas

The release of very fine gas bubbles into the reactive mix – known as nucleation – is responsible for cell formation and for the final cell structure of foamed polyurethane products. The gas charge on the polyol side is thus indispensable for certain PU applications. When producing rigid integral skin foams, this process serves to create the extremely high number of gas nuclei required for the ultra-fine cell structure characteristic of these foams. Gas-loading is also a widely used method for processing compact PUR systems for RIM and RRIM applications. During the chemical reaction, it causes a dwell pressure in the mold that prevents sink marks and considerably reduces trimming and finishing requirements. Moreover, this allows very high-quality surfaces to be achieved for compact systems. Hennecke offers two AEROMAT units for gas-loading applications. The "ST" version is used for low and medium gas load rates of up to 25 percent; the "GU" option is the right choice for gas load ranges from 50 to 70 percent.

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