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The operational life of machines and systems can often be significantly extended by upgrading various components cost-effectively. Our 360° REPAIR SERVICE offers a wide range of components on a hire basis at attractive prices. In addition, our 360° REPAIR SERVICE minimizes the risk of unplanned system outages through precautionary measures and good guidance:

  • Expert and certified repair of varied machine components
  • Standard rebuilds (including major rebuilds) done in the U.S. in 5-10 business days and are backed by a 90 day warranty
  • Emergency rebuilds can be provided within a 24-48 hour turnaround
  • Individual and detailed cost estimates, as well as cost efficiency analysis, prior to repair

Our Mixhead and Pump Exchange Program provides options allowing Hennecke to have a mixhead available to ship anytime. This proactive approach means that you can schedule planned replacements and avoid emergency replacements that result in more costs. Scheduled replacements also decrease plant downtime.

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