• Hennecke Inc. TECHCENTER Product development and optimization

Hennecke Inc. TECHCENTER Product development and optimization

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We help our customers by providing the necessary resources for testing molds. This is useful when a system that has been ordered is not yet available or the customer does not have enough free capacity for testing. If complex problems arise during production, lab tests can be conducted to observe process parameters in an isolated way to identify their possible impact on a part and to effectively remove component faults. If new technologies are applied or when a new combination of already known technologies is used to manufacture parts with completely new properties, the result is often open and accompanied by considerable risks. In order to reduce the customer's risk of introducing a new technology, we can create development partnerships. Thus, we can offer our customers services at the TECHCENTER at a cost price. The Hennecke Inc. TECHCENTER can also be used to manufacture limited pilot series. This offer is usually taken up by customers if they are changing a raw material or the properties of a component have to be verified anew.

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