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Machines and systems for polyurethane spray processing

PUR-CSM lines - Machines and systems for polyurethane spray processing

PUR-CSM lines

In the spraying process, PUR-CSM lines enable production of fibre-reinforced components or compound mouldings made of unfilled or filled PUR systems. As the basis and development platform for all known PUR-CSM products, the innovative systems technology offers exceptional competitive advantages compared to conventional processes and product approaches of this type. The modular principle of the PUR-CSM systems means that time and again, end products can be created with individual requirements in both an economical and efficient manner. In the process, users can individually adapt the PUR-CSM systems technology and even retrofit additional modules at any time. In the case of a product change or expansion, this is a decisive investment advantage over purchasing a new system. Many customers take full advantage of this modular system.

Composites & Advanced Applications
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PUR-CSM lines
Machines and systems for polyurethane spray processing
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