• Manufacture of lightweight composites with a polyurethane matrix


Manufacture of lightweight composites with a polyurethane matrix

The use of fibre-reinforced composites often starts when the properties of conventional materials no longer meet the customer's requirements. For the production of automotive load floors, for instance, lightweight composites with a polyurethane matrix completely meet the mark. The combination of materials allows for the positive characteristics of the individual components to be exploited while cancelling out unwanted features. End products thus benefit from high component strength and stability combined with low weight and complex geometries. With over 90 production lines installed and 90 % market coverage, CSM-Preg manufacturing cells make full use of their unique selling points in this area of application and are known for providing reliable production conditions that are perfectly suited for large volumes. As a generalist, Hennecke can supply everything along the process chain on a turnkey basis and tailored to individual production capacity requirements - from preform, robot technology, press and spray booth to safety technology.

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