• Low-pressure metering machines for processing cast elastomers


Low-pressure metering machines for processing cast elastomers

When it comes to processing polyurethane-based casting systems and raw materials, the name ELASTOLINE has for decades been synonymous with high-quality end products. Low-pressure ELASTOLINE machines reduce the amount of manual work involved, improve industrial hygiene and streamline operational processes. The high-quality design of all assemblies ensures that these system benefits continue to be reaped in the long-term, even in harsh production environments. Hennecke offers two different types of customized ELASTOLINE low-pressure metering systems: one for MDI and TDI raw material systems (ELASTOLINE F), and one for Vulkollan® or NDI raw material systems (ELASTOLINE V). The compatible low-pressure MEL mixheads are supplied with hydraulic injector control for extremely short and synchronous switching cycles. They ensure that the processor achieves superior formulation constancy.

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