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Smart, high-pressure deflection mixheads with state-of-the-art features

MT-A mixheads - Smart, high-pressure deflection mixheads with state-of-the-art features

MT-A mixheads

The MT-A mixhead series is the most recent product in Hennecke's mixhead portfolio and since 2020 has been available in more and more different varieties. These mixheads share the same basic design as the successful MT deflection mixheads but are made of optimized materials and high-quality surface coatings which provide for high durability, even under difficult production conditions and when using demanding chemical systems. The mixhead also offers the option of additional smart technology: integrated sensors for process monitoring meet the requirements of the topics in Industry 4.0. An integrated connection plate helps to improve hose line management and is now a standard feature in the two-component models. For manual utilization, an ergonomic operating panel makes the mixhead even easier to control. Another new feature of the mixhead is an innovative cleaning and lubrication concept. An enlarged opening to the spacer tube affords generous access without dead space and facilitates manual cleaning. Even surfaces also make this working step much easier. Besides manual cleaning, the user can choose between two options: integrated minimal lubrication inside the spacer tube, or circulation lubrication of the entire spacer tube area. Together with the FLEXJET constant pressure injectors, the MT-A mixheads outperform in fulfilling all the requirements of modern polyurethane systems in terms of metering accuracy, mixing quality and service life of the components. In addition, with the exception of a few models, the MT-A series is downwardly compatible with the MT mixhead series and can be easily retrofitted to existing systems.

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Smart, high-pressure deflection mixheads with state-of-the-art features
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