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Available exclusively for the ECOPLUS series

MT-E mixheads - Available exclusively for the ECOPLUS series

MT-E mixheads

The MT-E mixhead has been specially developed for the ECOPLUS metering machines and offers the perfect balance of simple and functional operability with the high-performance design features of the MT-A series. The two-component MT-E mixhead impresses with its high-quality materials and surface treatments as well as its high durability, even under difficult production conditions. An enlarged opening on the spacer tube and the even surface make manual cleaning easier and reduce the servicing required. Users can control the foaming process directly on the mixhead using the intuitive and robust control panel. The suspension of the mixhead is weight balanced at all times, both with horizontal and vertical mounting. Efficient output is ensured by the reliable FIXJET injectors. Upon request, the MT-E mixheads can be equipped with the FLEXJET constant pressure injectors to optimize the metering accuracy and mixing quality even further.

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