• Air-cleaned, high-pressure mixheads for various applications

ML and MXL mixheads

Air-cleaned, high-pressure mixheads for various applications

Air-cleaned "L-type" ML and MXL deflection mixheads operate on the proved impingement injection principle, whereby the entire recirculation of the components is groove-controlled. The patented air cleaning function which is based on the cyclone principle completely eliminates the need for solvents. When operated manually, the low weight of the ML and MXL mixheads makes them more ergonomic to handle and easier to work with, even if the molds are difficult to access. With outputs of up to 9,000 cm³/s, these air-cleaned mixheads are also suitable for demanding tasks such as foam-insulating district heating pipes. Our ML and MXL mixheads are also optionally available with Hennecke constant pressure injectors which maintain an almost constant mixing pressure over a wide operating range. Output changes can thus be made without injector adjustment. This also effectively expands the application range of the mixhead.

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