• High-efficiency deflection mixheads for very small to very large outputs

MT mixheads

Deflection mixheads for special applications with tiny to very large outputs

Due to their high precision and durability, the high-pressure MT mixheads have been proven in all application areas for over ten years and are very well-established in the PU industry for all production scenarios. To the user, this translates above all into optimum processing results across the entire range of common PU systems. Our MT mixheads can inject up to four reaction components into the mixing chamber via high-efficiency injectors. The reaction mix then flows into the 90° offset outlet pipe. This deflection supports the mixing process, calms the mixture and ensures a laminar, splash-free discharge into the open mold. Due to their robust design, MT mixheads are also particularly maintenance-friendly and noted for their attractive life-cycle cost. Moreover, they are available upon request with Hennecke's FLEXJET constant pressure injectors which maintain an almost constant mixing pressure over a wide operating range. Output changes can thus be made without injector adjustment. This also effectively expands the application range of the mixhead.

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