• Low-pressure mixheads

Low-pressure mixheads

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Various raw materials and applications make mixing using impingement injection impossible. This is the case, for example, when casting systems or high-viscosity components are used. For many reactive components and additives - e.g., in continuous slabstock lines - mixheads are fitted with special stirrers to ensure that the reactive systems and additives are mixed homogeneously in the mixing chamber and a laminar output is achieved. To a certain extent, processors can influence factors such as the cell structure and cell size of foaming systems by means of particular types of stirrer. High-strength stirrers are used in compact and cellular elastomer systems, ensuring optimal results even when the processing parameters are extremely difficult.

All stirrer mixheads at a glance

MEL mixheads

Stirrer mixheads for elastomer applications

Right from the start, MEL mixheads are equipped with a hydraulic control of the mixhead injectors for extremely short and synchronous switching cycles. This is a novelty that guarantees the processor a superior metering quality. Moreover, MEL mixheads are also fitted with a sophisticated...

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MEL type series

Stirrer mixhead for slabstock

Dynamic stirrer mixer for slabstock applications

Slabstock stirrer mixheads combine injection and stirring principles and guarantee the user a laminar liquid laydown over the entire foaming width. Foam qualities with an extremely uniform pore structure that is free of pinholes and striation are achieved. The actual mixing unit is located...

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Stirrer mixhead for slabstock

Stirrer mixhead for HK-R 5000

Stirrer mixheads for highest quality foams with extreme outputs

HK-R stirrer mixheads are applied when extremely high-quality foam products for use in the automotive industry, or rather automotive interiors, are made. The highest amount of mixing energy possible is required to ensure a homogeneous cell structure. That’s why HK-R stirrer mixheads are...

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Stirrer mixhead - HK5000-R

ULTIMIX mixheads made by HENNECKE-OMS

Low-pressure ULTIMIX stirrer mixheads ensure a reliable and uniform mixing of the reactive components

The ULTIMIX mixheads are controlled by a pneumatic unit, and the recirculation and mixing pressures can be configured to ensure a constant and homogenous production result. This is achieved using nozzles with different diameters and special valves within the recirculation circuit. The geometry...

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ULTIMIX mixheads made by HENNECKE-OMS
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