• Highly automated and raw material-efficient production of insulated door elements


Highly automated and raw material-efficient production of insulated door elements

Tailored to meet your individual production requirements, ROTAMAT EF lines are equipped with five, six, seven or eight mould carrier places. When using highly reactive foam systems, quick rotational movement is necessary because the mould carrier is also closed by this operation. A suitably dimensioned toothed ring for achieving high acceleration rates allows the travel time to be reduced down to approx. three seconds in ROTAMAT EF systems. For a cycle time of 45 seconds, the EF type produces around 80 door sets per hour with eight mould carrier places. To ensure these cycle times and to enable as little maintenance as possible during operation, the locking and unlocking of the mould carriers and the opening rocker are now operated by an electric motor, as is the drum drive. The opening rocker is shaped in such a way that the closing movement of the mould carrier is largely horizontal. To reduce the operating costs, the ROTAMAT can be equipped with automatic door removal devices that move along the x-axis of the filling manipulator. The cured doors are picked up by vacuum suction cups after the mould carrier has been opened and conveyed to a depository next to the ROTAMAT. For very frequent mould changes, automatic mould change is also recommended. Pouring into the closed mould, for example when using low-boiling blowing agents, is also possible. Thanks to the use of Pentane Process Technology (PPT), the ROTAMAT not only meets economic requirements, but also lives up to the highest ecological standards.

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